Friday, April 26, 2013

Man of Steel | Wal-Mart Comes out Swinging with Exclusives

I ran out on my lunch break this morning to peruse the triangle of megachains around my office building to see who if anyone was jumping the gun for this weekend's street date on Man of Steel action figures. Who would it be?

WAL-MART... Always!

 First we have our Mega Figure Set. Standing 10" tall this pair of figures feature twist/punch and sounds/phrases. These are pretty sharp looking for kids toys. I may end up suckering in on these and picking up a set. 

Then on to the 3.75" Exclusive Powers of krypton figures. These are your typical kid friendly gadget driven figures sure to accompany ANY Superhero movie. All figures have a light up feature in either the crest or in their HUGE ExPloD-O arms.

Solar Power Superman and Energy Punch Superman both have these action launcher appendages which replaces the right arm. These carry the light feature in the arms.

Then we have the most classic versions of these 4 offered; Heat Vision Superman and Blade Blaze Zod. I opted for these since they were the plainest presentations of both characters. Both of these figures carry the light up feature in the chest. The emblem blows out pretty bright as the body itself is transparent/lucent as well so it has quite a glow to it. So I decided to take Good and Evil home in equal shares to give you a quick preview of what we'll see in these Exclusive releases.


The packaging is much more attractive and dynamic than the Movie Masters for sure. Still red-heavy but definitely more eye catching.

With much more product to display of course the field is opened up a little bit but definitely a nice presentation for these picture box displays. We also get a glimpse of some vehicles available either in this exclusive offering from Wal-Mart or possibly across the board from all retailers.

An exploded view of the packaging reveals a peak at the inner tray showing a skyline of sprawling Metropolis in the background through an orange dusky burst.

In the package the figures are activated through a cut in the window of the box. Once opened they are activated by a protruding button on fthe backs of the figures. 

Ahhh. Freed from their plastic prisons lets check out our accessories. First is the awesome heat vision blast accessory that comes with our Hero. This really makes the figure. I could throw the rest away.

The figures themselves look pretty cool for 3.75" with limited articulation. If I were to gripe about anything it would be their inability to stand on their own. Between the "heavy" gear and the awkward weapons, the figures themselves are pretty light and don't stand on their feet so well. But your results may vary. The added plastic in the buttox/thigh tends to give the figure a 1degree lean that throws him off balance.

 Here with the gear now we see Superman's heat vision could use a boost with this "House of El" blaster and goggle combo complete with transparent red football padding. Zod features a translucent tank top version of his screen incarnated Battle Armor.

 And here are our 'tagonists duking it out with a jabfest in closing. Thanks for looking. Get out there and find your own!!! There's bound to be all sorts of surprises in the coming weeks!!! Feel free to notify me, I'll keep a running tab for all to see!!!


  1. How many inches are these Superman Heat Vision Superman and Blade Blaze Zod?

  2. I see, sucks that we are not getting these in 5 inch form to go with the SR figures :(

  3. I like them, an improvement over the horrible Dark Knight Rises 3.75 inch line. Now if only the legs would bend....