Thursday, March 31, 2011

GEEK SUMMIT: Michael Keaton Batman: Movie Masters Classics

One of my latest customs. It has been built over time but this first run finally finished out. The head and belt are from a gumball dispenser from Batman Returns and it holds a mighty nice likeness that fits well in this scale. SCORE. The body is a survival suit Bruce Wayne with sculpted boot shinguards and gauntlets and styrene blades on gloves. Cowl is sculpted in Aves Apoxie over a pull through cape.

See Version III Here

Monday, March 14, 2011

Superman The Movie: Movie Masters Hoax Video

Here we go guys. This is my video i posted the night before ToyFair 2011. The idea was that these photos were taken with the intent of being "quick leaks". I didn't want to focus too much on quality.

Now in fairness and truthiness I didn't first intend to perpetrate a hoax first off. I started by making a Superman of course because I have wanted to see a Reeve Movie Masters quality figure for YEARS beyond the current incarnations. I made one… it sucked but it was almost there, so I made another… it sucked much less, so I made another… Ahhhh, now that's cooking (pictured below) Still not satisfied I made another but it fell short of #3 Nut with the addition of a lettered cape… still cool.

After nailing my protagonist I kept moving into alter egos and alternate decos (Evil Supes a la Richard Pryor) and then Lex Luthor and finally Ned Beatty's Otis. Once I had this super set developed I found I HAD to do a Brando JorEl. JorEl was actually put together post hoax… and sadly its rushed process shows, BUT it leans into my intent to carry on with the Terrible Threesome from the Phantom Zone (coming soon… or as soon as my finger grows back together… woops)

Enjoy the video, I worked real hard to make sure it looked like I didn't work real hard.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey Guys… Welcome to GeekSummit

Good morning America and other welcome continents. This is GeekSummit, my blog to rip and rant but most possibly post my thoughts and adventures related to current action figure trends, custom action figures, and those classic classic toys. I hope this page will be bearable. First off I'd like to post a picture of my custom Christopher Reeve Superman the Movie Movie Masters figure. Later I may possibly post my HOAX video showcasing the entire set (Wave I & II).