Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Just another custom hoax from that damn GeekSummit.

Blade Runner 3.75" Rick Deckard!!!

Rick here is made from an Indiana Jones figure given a long coat a la Ultimate Soldier 1:18 German Officer which blends with the stock leather color very nicely. The shirt itself is hand detailed with fine point sharpie. Hair also given the same treatment.

Vintage Style Packaging: powered by Google & Adobe

I wanted to do a Vintage Star Wars Style packaging BUT you can honor that style only so much without actually making it a star wars package. Sure he's Han Solo... Sure he's Indiana Jones... Sure its a Sci-Fi movie.... Sure it's ok, but DON'T make it a Star Wars package. The placement of the bubble is really only weight distribution but the corner contour (what would have been a full frame on a Star Wars card) allowed more space to really push the Blade Runner imagery. Space was limited indeed with the inclusion of the title and "Branding", but we had just enough space to drop Rick and his blaster in that iconic vintage packaging space. The top is a muted space of the Frank Lloyd Wright Cubes that fill Deckard's apartment. The back features an awesome illustration... I don't know who did it honestly but when I look at the back I almost see an NECA stlye of simplicity to it. A short bio fills the bottom I tried to sum up the movie in 2 paragraphs without totally copying the intro preface directly. I thought I did an Ok job.

The prints themselves art spray mounted onto a Comic Board. I make one side at full size and the second at 100% with a .25" bleed so that once trimmed it is a clean edge. The blister is a resealable blister for those collectors who like to open their toys and store them for display as well. I'd go into how I set that up but it would cheapen it to myself and I was pretty proud of how that came together.

That is all...

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