Thursday, May 28, 2015

GeekSummit's ULTIMATE Sonic Screwdriver Prop Toy

Well, its been a little over a year since I thought I had perfected the Flickable Sonic Screwdriver. As time went on Character Options (Underground Toys) continued to release change after change to the design but still never finished giving us the ULTIMATE version of this prop replica toy. With ugly battery compartments and other goofy options that didn't really add anything to the toy, I was left hurting for the final revision before this Doctor adopts some new model all together. I love this model for its weird steampunk sensibility and refined look, but to keep giving us the same toy over and over again with no real advancement has been a disappointment.

I have done a small run of these Gallifrey Industries models for cosplayers and collectors alike and I think you'll like what you see.

As listed above this model features several upgrades that REALLY bring this toy up to near prop replica status while still maintaining lights & sounds.

• Rubberized Control Panel allows central operation of light & sounds in opened and closed positions
• Hidden activator allows operation of light & sound in closed position
• Tactile switch gives a touch of authenticity while also operating light & sound in opened position
• "Marbelized" emitter tip mutes the LED light to a nice bright glow
• Magnetic retractors release claws when flicked for authentic action
• Magnetic retractors pull sonic tightly closed for a nice tight presentation.
• Optional weathered finish gives the piece a nice touch of "History"

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