Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Return of the Jedi BluRay Deleted Scene: Luke's Lightsaber Construction Faked?

So we've all seen this deleted scene by now from the BluRay release. Amongst the other scenes released from ROTJ this one seems the most obscurely… odd.  Don't I remember at some point Mark Hamill saying he NEVER remembers filming this section only to later say in front of Celebration V that (to paraphrase) "After talking to George… Yes I do vaguely DO remember shooting this… but vaguely".

Now I know that Mark Hamill is as much a fanboy as the rest of us and not likely to forget such details such as SHOOTING A MOVIE… and I wondered for some time here and there when I've seen this clip… is this Mark Hamill or is it just somebody with a cleft chin and otherwise Mark Hamill like features filling in for a Never Before Seen BluRay exclusive minute and a half of Return of the the Jedi… You know the kind that sells millions of copies selling you the same 6 movies you've been watching for 30 years now with 5% more content tucked inbetween the same 30% of bonus content you'e also been watching for the last 15 years… that kinda stuff….

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Anyway, so I wonder why an actor with such a face and presence would have had such a minute entrance to this third act when he later makes such a sneaky entrance at Jabba's palace which seems to be much more mysterious and dramatic… a real hero's entrance. It just kinda displaces this clip which… ok, I totally understand why it would be deleted.

What if this was completely fabricated? What if this never happened in 1981,2, or 3? What if we were given this clip now 30 years later as a simple ploy to sell more copies of Star Wars… Now with BluRays? Where do you get a Mark Hamill doppleganger in 2013? Use a rubber mask made from a life cast? Any old fool with a cleft chin and a nose?

That was a simple enough conspiracy to cook up if it were a conspiracy and I never gave it too much more thought until this weekend when I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

Once the Winter Soldier was revealed to us completely… I was awestruck… Who is this dude? I know he's the same guy to played Bucky in the first Captain America movie, but we never really saw any intensity from this guy. Then I when the real battle took place in the last quarter of the movie it was an all out audition for a part in Star Wars Episode VII… This guy was Mark Hamill 1980 incarnate. Every slash and punch from this guy wrought this Bespin Duel/Emperor's Throne Room grimace from this guy and I was totally bought into this guy as an action star out of pure synthesized familiarity. He even has that uneven cleft chin thing going... Weird... Where was this guy for Episode II & III?

So I started thinking, "Man, this Sebastian Stan guy… He can't be flying under the radar so that no one from Lucasfilm has noticed the glaring likeness he bares… Oh yeah Marvel>Disney>StarWars… Oh yeah… wait a second… this guy COULD TOTALLY PLAY LUKE SKYWALKER."  Maybe even Luuke Skywalker for you ultra-fanboys...

Could Sebastian Stan have possibly been a "Stand-Chin" for an aged Mark Hamill in a "NEW" bonus clip for the 30th Anniversary re-release of ROTJ no less on BluRay? I don't know… but I did manage to assemble these animated Gifs using unaltered photos and screenshots from the clip in question.

So what do you guys think? Is this a total fanboy conspiracy cooked up in my head or does this seem possible? I'm asking questions here so please don't misunderstand that I think I am  correct beyond all doubt. Let me hear from you in the comment section. Trolls will be walked to the door.

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