Friday, May 24, 2013

Man of Steel | SPOILERS A PLENTY!!!

A batch of Man of Steel spoilers have landed online from a yet to be released book, "Man of Steel Inside The Legendary Word of Superman."

Man of Steel | Spoiler Alert •

• Superman's suit is actually a Kryptonian environmental suit that appears to be used to help navigate the Kryptonian vessels which are actually alive.

• The Phantom Zone projector is located in Krypton's orbit.

• The Black Zero, a prison barge, is the ship that takes the criminals to the Phantom Zone, located in subspace.

• Krypton's explosion causes Zod to be able to take control of Black Zero and becomes his flagship.

• The Black Zero also has a squadron of drones associated with it - smaller ships.

• Zod mentally torments Superman, as seen with the recent skulls image enveloping Superman from the latest trailer, which is said to be a dream sequence.

• Superman as a tyrant is part of the dream sequence with the Man of Steel in an all black version of the suit, as Zod is in essence tempting him like the Devil.

• It's said that as comic fans you want to see a flying fist-fight scene.

• We learn more about the Fortress of Solitude, which we learned the origin for in the Man of Steel prequel comic book. It's organic; full of Kryptonian artifacts; environmental skinsuits which becomes Superman's costume; powers up after 18,000 years; bursts from the ice to land in a mountaintop.

• Zod is sentenced to 300 years of reconditioning in the Phantom Zone.

• Kyrptonians gave up space travel; they put together Black Zero through spare parts, sort of "hot wired it."

• We learn that the birth of Kal-El was natural and highly illegal on Krypton. Krypton has a caste system where each person is genetically designed. Jor-El and Lara wanted to create the first free Kryptonian, which places them in extreme danger.

• House of El command key is inside baby Kal-El's ship.

• There are robots on Krypton and mention of a Genesis Chamber.

Man of Steel | Spoiler Alert •

Source: CosmicBookNews

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