Thursday, January 31, 2013

NY Toyfair 2013 | Superman Movie Masters Classics

GeekSummit's NYToyFair 2013 Wishlist  

So we have finally gotten a glimpse of our Man of Steel Movie Masters and even a tease of Batman '66 series getting the plastic treatment... But what about the Reeve movies?...


What if???...

Diddly Doo! Diddly Doo! Diddly Doo!

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An entire progressing line covering all 4 yes all 4 Christopher Reeve Superman Movies could be slated for release in the mix of the Man of Steel Mania sure to take hold this next spring. 6" Movie Masters "Classics" would be designed for ALL headliner characters including:

• Marlon Brando as JorEl in black AND a white variant both with various crystal accessories.

• Lex Luthor with Kryptonite chain and a cigar (no word on removable wig status)

• Clark Kent with removable glasses and hat with overcoat over arm accessory.

• Superman authentic designed costume with newspaper dispenser.

  What, no Lois?

• There seems to be a teaser in the bottom left corner of an emerging 3-pack of the of the Kalamity from Krypton; Zod, Ursa, & Non.

Could more second tier characters be on the horizon? I would certainly think so being the first 2 movies use all the same characters… Hooray!!! a Two-Fer!!!

Diddly Doo! Diddly Doo! Diddly Doo!

With high hopes for an awesome Superman Legacy line from Mattel ala Batman Legacy (not bad) I could only hope with the most sincere delusion that this has crossed the minds of Mattel if not for the 75th anniversary of the man himself then the 35th anniversary of the first movie... Well, I can't make it happen myself but I can throw this blood in the water and hope someone wants this as bad as I do…

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