Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Man of Steel Costumes Officially Revealed!!!

Costumes from the upcoming Man of Steel film to be released next Summer have finally surfaced at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas NV. Companies seekeing license opportunities were able to see 3 costumes from the soon to be blockbuster. On display were Faora's kryptonian battle suit, JorEl's House of El garb and the infamous "Where's the Breifs?" Superman suit worn by Henry Cavill during the film's shooting. This is the first time that these costumes have been shown other than candid on location shots that have absolutely soaked the internet in SuperCircles. 

It seems the origin of the Superman suit has been explained as nearly the Blue Jeans of Krypton... Everybody wears them. You'll notice that Faora's suit shares the same wrist cuffs as does the JorEl suit. The texture of the body suit seems to be the same as well but then made much more horrifying by the tons of sharp armor and attachments. JorEls costume seems to have a still intimidating presence but definitley has a more elegant authoritative look.

Superman's suit itself is a new take on the classic hero. The red trunks have been dropped and new elements have been brought in to give the costume a new life in running with the New 52 era of our classic heroes. Though there was a lot of back and forth on what this would do to the look of the hero I think we'll find that a lot of the action happens from the waist UP on our favorite hero. So hopefully folks will see very quickly that the trunks really wont make that much of a difference in how AWESOME and faithful this film is going to be to fans and newcomers alike.


Chest up

 Full Shot

 Profile Shot


 Full Shot

 Chest Up

SUPERMAN: Man of Steel

 Chest Up: Showing the "Chain Mail" appearance of the suit.

Full Shot: Looking very much the same without Henry Cavill in it...

 Back: Floor Length Cape

*Photos Coutesy of ComingSoon.net

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