Saturday, October 15, 2011

Man of Steel | Henry Cavill as Superman Custom Movie Masters Action Figure

Finally got around to finishing this guy out. He sat unpainted for weeks, but I finally cleared my schedule of Ramen Noodle and Xbox to sit down and give this guy his proper treatment. This is revision II since my first attempt was right after the first preview images were released… Enjoy!!

Work in Progess Shots:

I started with a Scallox Red Lantern figure (mainly for the texture of the boots and wrist cuffs) and sculpted the ribbing with Apoxie Sculpt. Chopped off a buckle from a standard Supes and used hand cut sign vinyl for the emblem and accents on the wrist cuffs. Top portion of the cape is sculpted as well. This should allow for total control of the appearance of the cape as it tucks into the suit.

Primered throughout… The emblem still looks like it will give me the proper depth to paint easily.

 I under-painted the new ribbing and accents because it seems like this suit is supposed to have this translucent "Oneness" of being this alien construct that throws out the conventions of things like belt loops, underroos, and stitching.

First layer of blue is applied letting the ribbing remain untouched. Blue is mixed with just a little bit of yellow to pick up on that just slightly dull blue-green tone we are seeing in the first full reveal shots.

 Underpainting does not exactly stand out too much once it is painted over so later I opted for a silver drybrush using spray chrome in a plastic cup… Did you know those things turn to goo when filled with spray paint? Slight outline around emblem is left untouched to allow for the silver trim it seems may surround the emblem… I dig this new look. Cape is attached underneath the neckpiece that meets in the front, still working on this technique…

Head is from Version I of this figure from the Bank Vault reveal shots. Hairdo has that Elvis blowback look to it still. This will be corrected in Version III for sure.

And here we have it, the Man of Steel | Henry Cavill as Superman before silver accents are added… Still a work in progress...

Version I from Bank Vault Reveal shot. I was sure that the trunks were going to be tossed out but wasn't sure how the belt would be treated, so I definitelt shot blind of this one, I'd have never guess what they were going to pull to keep that torso broken up… Good thinking DC, I think folks are going to dig this new look.

Full Body Shot

That's all for now… Stay tuned for Version III in the indefinite future!!!

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